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What’s happening – Team Updates

GET Smarter: Check out the winter GET Smarter schedule here and mark your calendar! GET Smarter sessions will be offered from 8-9am on select Saturdays. All sessions are FREE to members. Future members are $15.

Annual Holiday GET Together: Join your fellow teammates to celebrate the holidays at Nové Italian Restaurant (Wilton) on Saturday, December 19 at 7pm. ($25pp, cash bar available. Sign-ups and $ due no later than 12/11.) A festive gift exchange will take place if you’d like to partake. Rules: Gift value should be $15-$20. Your gift must start with a “G” “E” or “T”…example/ ‘Golf balls’ OR ‘Eucalyptus scrub’ OR ‘T-shirt’

**Bonus Opportunity** If your gift has 2 or all 3 letters in the name/description.

Strength in Action

Turkey Trot 2015On Thanksgiving morning, the GET team + family and friends gathered to run the 14th Annual Christopher Dailey 5K Turkey Trot in downtown Saratoga.

Did you run? Click here to see your results.

Ruksgiving 2015

Toga’s first “Rucksgiving” was held on Sat, Nov 28! 20+ people (GET Team and more) came out with their bags filled with canned goods, ready to help fill the First Baptist Church food pantry. Thanks to our local OCR/GET Team Member, Chris Perrone, for bringing this global OCR effort to Ballston Spa!

The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a low-risk exercise that simultaneously torches fat, builds strength, and improves cardiovascular fitness. Watch this video to learn how to perform the movement, how to avoid injury, and why you should incorporate this movement into your workout if you aren’t already.

GET to Know – Richard Romano

richardHow did I GET into this?… I first started training with Matt one-on-one about four-and-a-half years ago, pretty much by accident (I had joined High Rock Sports & Fitness really just to use the treadmill a few times a week and things snowballed from there). It has been great to see the GET team grow into such a supportive family.

You might not—in fact, probably don’t—know… I have been a professional writer for (zoinks!) 20 years and have written or co-written almost a dozen books, mostly on either graphics hardware and software or various aspects of the printing industry. Gripping page-turners, they are. I also write for a number of trade publications. I sometimes end up in The Saratogian as I am one of several alternating writers of the “Film Forum Buzz” column (I have been a Saratoga Film Forum board member for longer than I can recall). I have also had a stage play produced, and three others given staged readings, in the dramatic mecca of Johnstown, N.Y. (You know what they say: first Johnstown, then Broadway.)

Essentially, I am a delivery system for words.

Where I am from (a small planet located somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse?) I have had a rather nomadic trajectory which runs like this: Born in Brooklyn (in 1967, 28 days after Pink Floyd released their first album), raised near Boston, schooled in Syracuse, lived/worked in NYC for nearly a decade, spent three years in LA (most of it stuck in traffic), and finally ended up in Saratoga in Fall 2000, where I hope to stay until well into my dotage (which should be along any day now).

What do I do for fun?… Fun…I’ve heard of that. Um, well, going to Syracuse for football, basketball, and lacrosse games (although whether that’s “fun” or “soul crushing” is often a matter of debate), seeing live music (best show ever was The Hold Steady at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass., in 2010, second only perhaps to Pink Floyd at the Carrier Dome in 1987), movies (the older the better), books (favorite author Charles Dickens and/or Douglas Adams, favorite contemporary author Haruki Murakami and/or Christopher Moore), and (most) every year I compete in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. And, of course, just hanging out with friends. I may try snowshoeing this winter, which I have been saying for about a decade now.

My favorite thing about GET… That it exists! Specifically, that it is an environment conducive to not only achieving whatever fitness goals I may have (and I’m still finding new ones), but doing so in a setting that’s not hyper-competitive, but still pushes me. Oh, and the dogs.

Fueling Your Fitness: Good reads on fitness and nutrition.

What you don’t know about willpower: Why popular ideas about determination and drive are all wrong. – PRECISION NUTRITION, Krista Scott-Dixon

The 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes – TNATION, Tony Gentilcore

Where Fitness Professionals Go Wrong When Training Women – Tony Gentilcore

Prevent Winter Colds with Immune-Boosting Foods – ACTIVE, Gavin Edley

Recipe/Meal Ideas

Rosemary Turkey Breast (crockpot recipe)

Lentils with Wine-Glazed Winter Vegetables

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