GET Smarter – Winter 2015/2016

Join any of the GET Smarter sessions coming up this winter to learn about what you’re do (or not doing) in the gym! FREE to GET Team Members with active membership, $15 for future GET Team Members.


FUELING YOUR FITNESS: This session will review WHAT habits enable us to successfully manage nutrition, and HOW to improve overall nutrition for better health and wellness. PLUS, we’ll talk about how to set yourself up for success, mentally and physically. January 16


SQUAT: The squat has been labeled ‘The King of Exercises’ – and for good reason. In this session we will review the basics of the movement pattern, and help you determine which squat is best for you. Plus – we will do a deep dive on the back squat… the proper set up, execution, and safe spotting techniques. January 23


DEADLIFT: Although simple in nature, this exercise can be very dangerous if performed incorrectly. We will discuss the benefits of this movement, as well as proper set up and execution. February 6


BENCH PRESS: Like other strength movements, set up and body positioning is key to success. It is important to understand the best body position and set up for you! Plus, we will touch on Power Lifting as a competitive sport. What the sport can offer you, upcoming competitions, what you can expect to see/experience, and more. February 13


KETTLE BELL SWING: The kettlebell swing is a low-risk exercise that simultaneously torches fat, builds strength, and improves cardiovascular fitness. Join us to review the key components of the kettlebell swing. March 5


CORE: Are you a fan of core work? Regardless, do you really know what it is? What it isn’t? In this session, we will debunk core misconceptions, help you define what it means to have a strong core, and give you tips to maximize your time spent on “core exercises.” March 12


**BONUS **  Topic TBA March 19



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