How a powerlifting competition may be the best thing for your training

The look that I get from people when I mention that they should consider competing in a powerlifting competition is usually priceless. I usually get that, “Are you crazy?!?!” look. Then I have to explain to them that I am dead serious and that it may be the best thing for their training. As I am reflecting on my recent powerlifting competition last weekend, it allowed me to think and come up with some reasons why you may benefit from participating in a competition.

  1. Training vs. Exercising– There is a big difference between training and working out. If you are simply going to the gym to workout with no greater purpose than getting a sweat on or going through the motions, then you are simply “exercising”. By signing yourself up for a competition, your visits to the gym now have a reason or purpose. You are working out and preparing for your competition. You start paying more attention to the weights you are lifting, keep closer track of your lifts/progress and logging your workouts more consistently. Each workout is a piece to the puzzle of the bigger picture, and you continue to build off of each workout. You are now training, preparing for something. This usually has a chain effect too because as you try to build off of each workout, you start realizing that nutrition and recovery are part of the process and need to be incorporated as well. This is where the real results usually emerge.
  2. Body Composition -When you talk to people about their goals, the majority of the time it involves body composition. Whether someone is trying to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up, it usually involves some type of body change. The problem is that a lot of people don’t associate getting stronger as something that will improve body composition. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to body composition, people usually think about extreme diets, lots of exercise and cardio whereas strength training involves slowing down, resting between sets, and getting stronger. As the focus to get stronger becomes the main priority, you will pack on more muscle, which will help to burn fat and make you look leaner/more toned. All of those initial goals that everyone talks about end up being the bi-product of training for a competition and getting stronger.
  3. Powerlifting Community– Every time I participate or even go to watch a powerlifting competition, I am always amazed by the energy and camaraderie of the people there. I seem to always walk out with this new appreciation and excitement to get back into the gym and train harder. It reenergizes me and keeps me focused on my training. I think it is important to stay motivated and not just go through the motions with training, which can be so easy to do when dealing with the stresses of your life, work, etc… You become a part of this underground community, people you’ve never met, and we are all working toward the greater goal of becoming better and stronger versions of ourselves. It is a really cool thing.

So I challenge you to consider competing in a powerlifting competition. I guarantee it will instill a sense of confidence and achievement you’ve never felt. It definitely gives me an extra sense of confidence, not because of how much weight I lift, but because I set out challenges for myself and conquered them. I step out of my comfort zone every time I compete and learn more about myself as a person in regards to facing adversity, and I become a better person because of it.

Lets GET it!!!


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