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GET Bells is coming! June will be your chance to try kettlebell groups offered by Jordan Spritzer. 2x per week (to start), existing GET Team Members are invited to “swing” into one of these groups to try it out! Stay tuned for more information!


Accelerate is back! Help your student athletes bring their game to the next level!

ACCELERATE sports performance training is specifically designed for young adult athletes looking to enhance their competitive edge! Meeting twice per week, athletes can expect diverse, challenging sessions to improve their skills and abilities.

At GET, we place a strong emphasis on fundamentals. Athletes are coached to maintain proper technique at all times. New skills are developed based on building a strong foundation that accounts for the individual athlete’s previous experience and future goals.

FREE info session & hands-on workshop will be offered next Sat, June 3 at 10:15am. Please let Matt know you’re coming: 344.1429 / and feel free to bring friends!


GET to know your teammates

We have had many new faces join the team since we moved, and we want all team members to know each other better! Please take a few minutes to complete this quick survey so that we can share some fun facts! Thank you in advance for sharing your responses with us!


Also – tell your teammates, friends and family why you train by tagging photos and posts with #whyItrain, and checking in at Gunning Elite Training as the location. Any GET team member that shares/tags on Facebook by June 30 will be entered to win one of our new Strong Team bracelets! (Note, you will earn 1 entry per post.)


It’s a GET Together – Mark your calendar!

One of our strong couples, Dave and & Rosie, have invited the GET team to their house for a barbecue on Saturday, July 8 at 1pm. A Facebook invite was shared earlier this week. If you are on Facebook and did not see the invite, please connect with Casey, Matt or Rosie to be added to the event.


A Growing Team

As we grow, working together is critical to maintaining our STRONG TEAM. Cancelling on time is just one way we must work together to ensure we maintain an optimum, efficient schedule.

Starting June 1 GET will be enforcing our late fee policy. $10 will be charged to anyone’s account who cancels within 1 hour of the scheduled group start time. We and your team members appreciate your consideration.


LOVE is STRONG – Congratulations!

Love May


THANKS, from Paige

Dear GET Team,

For those of you who I didn’t get the pleasure to meet, my name is Paige Durrant. I am a sophomore at Skidmore College studying Management and Business. This past semester I worked alongside Casey and Matt as their marketing intern, and am now headed home for summer break.

I am so honored to have been a part of this special team, especially during the big move. Being there on the opening day was a great experience. Watching so many members help move from the old location to the new made me realize how tight-knit this community is and how proud I was to be a part of it.

For those of you who I had the pleasure of meeting, thank you for accepting me as part of the community. I loved getting to know you all and I hope to see you around this fall. My biggest regret is not being able to meet all of you and not being able to come in more often to sweat with you.

This opportunity Casey and Matt have given me is something I will be forever grateful for. You guys are the best and I cannot thank you enough.

With love and sweat,

Paige Durrant


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