Our Achieve program consists of four classes that are all aimed at helping adults (with a wide-range of experience and ability) move better, feel better, and get stronger. The Achieve membership is all inclusive and offers access to all four of our adult classes: GET Strong, Get Fit, GET Bells and GET Mobility.


Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.59.51 AMGET STRONG is an hour-long class focused on building overall strength, mobility and conditioning.  You can expect to burn on average 400-600 calories/workout.

This is our bread and butter class. Offered to our adults, GET Strong incorporates strength training, mobility, core work, and conditioning. This isn’t your typical cookie cutter circuit style class that you see so many other gyms doing. This is a strength and conditioning program where we switch up the workout program every 4  weeks, tailoring everyone’s workout based on their skill level, training experience, injury history and current goals.

Every exercise can be regressed or progressed to fit each team member’s needs. We emphasize movement quality and push people to move correctly so that the carryover outside of the gym shows lasting impact.

This class is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at various times throughout the day. Check the schedule for an up-to-date view.








GET FIT is an hour long class that gives you a total body strength and conditioning workout, gets the heart rate up and switches weekly to keep it interesting and varied. You can expect to burn 500-800 calories in these workouts.

IMG_5753Very similar to our GET Strong, this is a total body workout where emphasis includes mobility, power, strength and conditioning. It’s a slightly different format than our GET Strong and you are guaranteed to leave this workout feeling energized and full of life. Again, all exercises can be regressed or progressed to accommodate each member.



This class is offered Tuesday and Thursday at various times throughout the day. Click the schedule for an up-to-date view.

Our Saturday Fit is slightly different. It is the end of the week “fun” workout where we can pack the place and bring the positive energy. You will burn a ton of calories and have fun in the process.

GET BELLS is an hour-long class that utilizes kettlebells to build strength, improve mobility and blast body fat! You can expect to burn on average 400-600 calories/workout.


At GET, we follow the Strongfirst training principles regarding Kettlebell training. The Strongfirst Kettlebell certification is one of, if not THE most reputable training certification in the industry and we are proud to be certified through them.


Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.41.13 AM






In this class, we take you through a challenging workout where we focus on the fundamental kettlebell exercises: The swing, snatch, press, squat, clean, and Turkish get up.

The workouts last usually an hour and consist of mobility warmup, skill that is being taught or practiced, and a workout that will burn a lot of calories while also building strength too. This is a great class to improve overall movement quality and we have seen people really transform themselves by attending this group. We require that you attend one of the GET Smarter workshops for kettlebells prior to attending this group. We offer them at least once a month, so look out for them!

GET MOBILITY is a half-hour class where we focus on soft tissue work and joint mobility. 

We call this our “Daily Dozen” and it will be a series of 12 exercises/stretches that we switch up daily. This class is designed to not only get our body moving and feeling better but also to educate on why it is important to keep certain joints mobile and others stable.

IMG_5755See the burn with MYZONE Heart Rate Monitoring!

Wondering how many calories you’re burning in a strength-focused workout? Have no fear – MYZONE is here! Here at GET we utilize MYZONE heartrate monitors that allow you to see which zone you are in (what your intensity is) and how many calories you’re burning throughout your workout. Simply take a look at the TV display in the gym, and download the app to make workout notes and track your progress. Check your email each time you leave the gym to get a motivational summary of your work!

IMG_5760At GET, we know that fitness is not a quick fix. It requires consistency and dedication to have a long-lasting effect. It requires patience and learning so that you can build off of each workout. Our training programs provide all the tools for success if you have the desire to learn and are consistent in your training.

A healthier, STRONGER YOU is waiting!