Here at GET, commitment and consistency are part of our core values. We know that reaching your goals comes from showing up, being coachable and doing your best. Our coaching staff is here to support you in achieving your goals, and in order to do so…you have to GET to the gym!

GET offers training programs for ADULT and YOUTH athletes…in the form of GROUP or PERSONAL training.


A structured strength and conditioning program specifically designed for adults who want to FEEL better, MOVE better and GET stronger…fueled by the strength and support of a team!

$220/month for unlimited access with 12-month commitment
$180/month for 3x per week with 12-month commitment
$140/month for 2x per week with 12-month commitment 

ACCELERATE – This is a 2x/week program designed for youth athletes to help prepare them to be game ready shape for their sport
$100/month to month

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See our ‘Programs’ page for more information on our classes.

Have questions? Stop in, email us (, or give us a call (518.944.1429). We’re happy to show you around the gym, talk with you about your goals and explain how GET can help you achieve them!



Regardless of what brings you to GET for personal training, you can expect a program specifically developed with your goals and abilities in mind.

$160/month 1x per week, half-hour training session ($40/session)

$280/month 2x per week, half-hour training session ($35/session)

$360/month 3x per week, half-hour training session ($30/session)

Note: Half-hour training sessions are a full 30-minutes of training with a trainer. Warm-up and conditioning programming is provided to do on your own prior to/after the training session.

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