I cannot say enough positive things about Gunning Elite Training!! I have found my forever workout environment, you could not find a better team of trainers in Matt/Casey Gunning. They inspire the whole team to do our very best, without making you feel like you are competing with others. Your only competition is with yourself. The GET team is now my extended family, we strive to make every new person feel the same way! If you want to GET fit, be apart of an amazing team, be with the BEST trainers….This is your place!! Come in give it a try, you will not be disappointed!! “Last Set….Best Set”
– Bobbie T.

I was the person that never went to the gym and would never have had a trainer, and then I met Matt. He let me know it was okay to climb outside of my comfort zone and he would be there every step of the way, and he has been. The last six months have given me back some of my confidence because of Matt, I still have a long way to go but Matt will be there. So, if you’re thinking that a trainer isn’t for you, give Matt and Gunning Elite Training a try. I guarantee it will change your life.
– Lori E.

Like the best coaches, trainers, and teachers, Matt recognizes that everyone’s abilities, needs, and goals are different. Thus, he doesn’t offer a one size fits all, “my way or the highway” approach to training. He carefully assesses each individual’s objectives and then helps him or her achieve them — even if they’re a “blank slate” when it comes to training and fitness. You may discover goals you never even knew you had. As a motivator, Matt offers even more inspiration than perspiration! And on top of that, training with Matt is FUN!
– Richard R.

The GET ACCELERATE program for kids is wonderful! My 11 year old son has come with me in the past to adult workouts, and was interested in trying some of the machines and lifts himself. Adam has attended the ACCELERATE program on Saturday mornings at 10 for the past several weeks. He is up and ready to go and looks foreword to working out every Saturday.. Matt and Casey are sure that the kids are performing the moves safely and effectively, and while the workout is challenging, all the kids work together as a team to help each other through it. Each week, the program consists of a different workout, ranging from strength moves and cardio, to stretching and warm ups. Although I am very happy to see Adam enjoying a good workout, I am most impressed with how his self-esteem has flourished. He always feels so proud to finish the workout strong, and talks on the way home about how good it makes him feel to complete something so challenging. ACCELERATE is a well rounded program for middle school and high school students who want to get in shape for a sport, but also great for kids like Adam, who hasn’t found “his sport” yet. It is an excellent compliment or alternative to a team sport. Matt and Casey work hard to make the kids feel comfortable and model good sportsmanship and team work at all times. Adam and I are so pleased that Gunning Elite Training offers this program.
– Ellen M.

Our team (Saratoga Girls Rugby Club) has thoroughly enjoyed our training and every last burpee, Matt! You’ve opened up a whole new world of exercise for me and I look forward to continuing my training with you!
– Lori C.

This place is more than just your typical gym. It is more like a family! Everyone here is dedicated, energetic, and involved for the right reasons. No one is judgemental and the support is awesome. Go at your own pace, challenge yourself for a PR or compete against some one in the class…it doesnt matter. Every day the goal is the same…GET Fit and improve from the last time! Glad I found this place and would recommend it to anyone. GET Fit and change your life!
– Chris P.